Why are reusable bags important for the environment?

Today, solving the plastic issue is much more complicated than solving world economics. Most people understand that plastic is bad for the environment but they might know how and why. When you use eco-friendly bags, they no longer have a need for disposable plastic bags. 

This eventually means less production of plastic and thus saving the planet from single-use plastic bags. While if you want to know why it is harmful to the planet then here are a few reasons that you can read above.

Plastic bags use nonrenewable resources

Did you know that plastic bags are made from oil? Yes, plastic bags are made from oil which is a fossil-fuel and a non-renewable resource. While the process of making disposable plastic shopping bags also emits greenhouse gases. So, if the production of plastic bags is stopped then the fossil fuel will be used for other purposes and the environment won’t be flooded with the greenhouse gases. 


Less litter

Plastic bags can litter the surroundings as a strong gust of wind can lift the bags from a garbage can, recycling bin or landfill and carry them off. After they land on trees or water, they are a risk to animals that can become tangled in the bags or mistakenly eat the bags. Plastic bags are also the main culprit of flooding as they clog drains. On the other hand, if you use less single-use plastic bags then it will eventually reduce the amount of litter that’s damaging ecosystems and posing a threat to wildlife and humans.


Reduces Greenhouse Gases

Reusable wine bags are made from renewable resources to help to prevent the buildup of greenhouse gases. When a reusable bag is made from materials like jute, cotton or bamboo fibres, the environment reaps the benefits. By using reusable bags, you are also reducing greenhouse emissions as they don’t use any non-renewable sources of energy. 

Icegreen • 2019 Oct 17

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